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How should my pair of Sazzi® sandals fit?

First it is important to order the right size of sandals for your feet. Take a look at our Sizing Guide for more information about what we recommend for you. Our footwear is designed for performance and we have purposefully included a bit of extra room at the front of each toe so you do not stub them when walking, running, or hiking in your pair of Sazzi® sandals.

Do your shoes come in half sizes?

Sazzi® sandals only come in full sizes and the specific sizing guidelines can be found in our Sizing Guide. We also recommend to our half-sized customers that if you have a wide foot, round your size up and if you have a narrow foot round down.

What are my Sazzi® sandals made of?

Our footwear is made of a performance material called PLUSfoam® that is 100% recyclable. This reduces our waste at a factory level, and enables consumers to return their product to PLUS once they are done with it and receive a discount towards their next discount. To learn more about the material, visit our Recycle page.

Cleaning & Care

PLUSfoam®, the material that our footwear is made out of, is a closed-cell foam, which means you can get it wet and it will not absorb any moisture. Another added benefit is that your Sazzi® sandals will not harbor odor causing bacteria. You can scrub your sandals with any household cleaning soap such as the stuff you use to do your dishes.